‘Pixel Troubleshooting’ app is now available for Pixel devices from Google

Our smartphones require different types of troubleshooting with different problems. In order to provide a convenient solution for troubleshooting on Pixel devices, the tech giant Google has debuted the ‘Pixel Troubleshooting’ app. Users can solve problems like abnormal heating or rapid battery drain via this app. The app is now available for Google Pixel 8 devices.

Battery drain and overheating issues were reported by several users. In addition to this, several users reported connectivity issues with the Pixel devices. Although the company has resolved the heating issue with the Pixel 8 series, users are still concerned about it. For this reason, the company has taken this step. You can get help from the new Pixel Troubleshooting app by following its simple repairs and recommendations.

How will the ‘Pixel Troubleshooting’ app assist users?

As of now, the Pixel Troubleshooting app can resolve issues related to network and battery. A battery diagnostics option can be found within the battery menu. It will help users discover problems, like charging issues, an overly warm device, and a faster-than-usual battery drain.

Depending on your problem, it suggests solutions and even gives you a simple option to contact the Pixel support staff. For example, it can assist you in locating features that may be contributing to quicker battery depletion. In cases of network or connection issues, the app offers solutions that improve connectivity.

The new Pixel Troubleshooting app can be accessed within the settings of the recent Pixel 8 series devices. Some users, like Android Authority, claim that they have downloaded the APK on the Google Pixel 7. Besides this, the app can be found on Google Play. It has been available since late last month. So, there is a possibility that the app might be rolled out to older devices in the coming months.

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