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Google Redesigned Mobile Web Search

Google apparently wants to give mobile users a little variety in their web search. The search engine company is currently working on revising the design of the interface. The new-look will be rolled out in waves and will probably be distributed in the next few weeks.

New look should ensure less distraction

The new-look is designed so that users are not distracted by unnecessary design elements. Instead, users should be able to concentrate on the content of a search result. As Google writes on its official blog, the text should be easier to read. For this purpose, the font was made larger in many places.

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One of the changes is a new logo in the search bar. Although the basic structure of the results has not been revised, many small changes can be seen. The space between the logo and the search bar has been increased. Shading is no longer necessary. In addition, redundant design elements have been removed so that there are no longer any rounded tiles. The search results are now separated from each other by a simple, light grey bar.

Design not yet visible to every user

At the moment, the new design does not seem to have reached all mobile web search users. As usual, the changes only appear with a few users so that the developers can react to errors in good time. If there are no problems, the look should be displayed to all users in the next few weeks.

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