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Google Releases the New Pixel Buds A Series Cutting in Price

Google has released a new set of earbuds – the Pixel Buds A series, these buds resemble the previous model but are a little cheaper.

Pixel Buds A Series

Google now has released a more affordable pair of earbuds in specific markets. The new earbuds are the Pixel Buds A series. However, these buds are said to resemble the previous Pixel Buds 5 that came out in 2020. The device is available just for $99.

These earbuds don’t have wireless charging, which is a downgrade. It also doesn’t have the experimental ‘Attention Alerts’ features.

There is still a touch control feature and you could still use any one of the two buds. The hands-Free “Hey Google” commands still work the same, and still have an in-ear detection.

With this pair of Pixel Buds A series, you will get three ear-tip sizes, a USB-A to USB-C charging cable, and a quick start guide.

Each bud weighs only 5 grams, the Pixel Buds A series has only one LED, which changes from white to amber when the battery life of the Buds are low.


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