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Google Rolls Out Advanced Photo Editor For Google Photos

Google Photos editor

Google’s own app for photos and videos has already been a practical first port of call for editing photos. The app is already capable of moving images, but the options here have been severely limited. But that will soon change.

Photography via smartphones is ubiquitous these days because most of us always have our cameras in our pockets and therefore always with us. Mobile cameras are getting better and better, but sometimes you still have to or want to edit the result. Although there are now various professional and powerful apps, many users resort to Google’s own solution for quick editing or adding a filter.

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Google Photos also delivers more than solid results, at least if you don’t have any special needs. However, this applies primarily to photos. Because although the app also supports video editing, the possibilities in this category are quite limited.

Significantly more options

But as Android Police reports, Google Photos is getting a new video editor. This not only supports simple cutting and similar basic functions as before but also disciplines such as stabilizing and rotating videos. You can also export frames, correct the horizon and remove audio thanks to the updated app version.

You even get options for colour correction and can adjust brightness, contrast, white point, warmth, hue, skin colour, vignette etc., plus the filters that you already know from the photo part of the app. What is still missing, or what some would have wished for, is the ability to cut several clips together, but the app does not support this for the time being.

The update is currently being distributed, as always it is a multi-part process that will be carried out gradually. The update is apparently carried out on the server-side, so it is not announced by a new Play Store version.