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Google Rolls Out Second Security Update For Chrome

Google released a second security update for Google Chrome within a few days. The new version fixes three more security gaps. Users are advised to update the browser quickly. The new security update is already available in the WinFuture download area.

The new update brings build number 106.0.5249.91, or 106.0.5249.91 for Chrome Extended Stable version, and comes less than a week after the release of Chrome 106, which fixed 20 security issues in Chrome. Information about the update can be found on the Google Chrome blog.

Security update

The update comes automatically to the PC, but the distribution can take some time despite the security-related changes. It is therefore better to install security updates manually in order to protect the browser and thus its system from possible attacks on the known vulnerabilities. According to Google, two of the newly reported vulnerabilities have been classified as high severity.

High is the second highest rating after critical. Nothing is known about the third vulnerability. Other Chromium-based browsers such as Microsoft Edge may also be releasing new updates soon as they too could be affected by the reported security issues. This is very likely and Google already has a corresponding note in the Chrome release blog published.

Access to bug details and links will remain restricted until the majority of users are provided with the fix, it said. It is also Google’s policy to keep this limitation if the bug exists in a third-party library that other projects depend on in a similar way but have not yet fixed. At the moment – at least according to the group’s release notes – there are no known exploits in the wild.

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