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Google Search Now Intimates If The Search Is Bad Or Has No Matching Results

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If Google does not find the available results for its search to be good, the user will be informed about this in the future with a note: “It looks like there are no good matches for your search.”

If the search is not Good, Google says

With a Google search, you are used to the fact that countless results lead more or less directly to the goal. Over the years, thanks to state-of-the-art content analysis and indexing, the search engine has also become better and better at estimating what the user is currently looking for, even with unclear entries. However, sometimes the largest search engine in the world cannot find a result in the deepest depths of the network that satisfies the search query. In these rare cases, Google now wants to make it clearer in the future that you are not satisfied with the results.

As The Verge writes in its report, Google now provides the appropriate text hint above the list of results for a search that doesn’t work: “It looks like there are no good matches for your search.” Google writes about the message in a blog post: “The message is a signal that we are unlikely to have found what you are looking for.” As already described in a corresponding support document, the group also provides information on how the search can possibly be improved. Finally, Google provides suggestions as to which words can be found on pages that the search engine associates with the query.

“You shouldn’t see this feature too often – after all, there is usually something useful that we can find, but we hope it will save you time and get you to the information you need,” said Google. As the group explains here, the adjustment will initially be rolled out in the USA, and when other countries will receive the notification is not yet clear.

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