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Google Stadia On iPhone And iPad Now Available

Google Stadia iPhone

Owners of an iPhone or iPad can now also use Google’s game streaming service Stadia. Since Apple still does not allow cloud gaming apps in the App Store, users have to take a detour via the Safari browser.

As officially announced yesterday, the Google Stadia cloud gaming service is now also available on the iPhone and iPad. After using the game streaming service on Android via the app for a long time, owners of an iOS device now also have access to the beta version of Stadia – with one restriction.

Still, no cloud gaming services allowed in the App Store

Apple still adheres to the restrictions on cloud gaming services and continues to exclude relevant apps from the App Store. So if you want to play games via Google Stadia on your Apple device, you have to take the detour via the web browser. Instead of an app, users can access their games via a web application for the Safari browser. The Stadia website is saved as a Safari bookmark on the home screen. After tapping the bookmark, the open web application hardly differs from a classic app in terms of function and structure.

Similar to Google, Nvidia has been using a web application based on Safari as access for iOS devices for its game streaming service Geforce Now for a long time. Microsoft recently announced a similar plan for the xCloud, and Amazon is also using the browser for the recently launched cloud gaming service Luna.

Stadia differs from the other game streaming services in that Google also offers a free version with access to two games (Destiny 2 and Super Bomberman R). However, the company has already announced that it will add more free-to-play titles.