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Google Officially Brings ChromeOS To Older PCs

Google ChromeOS

Google will now ensure that many older PCs become officially supported by ChromeOS hardware. This will give the platform a bigger boost than it ever could with Chromebook sales.

This is made possible by the takeover of the software provider Neverware. They have been offering their product called CloudReady for several years, according to Engadget. This is a modification of ChromeOS that has been optimized for operation on older PC and Mac hardware. However, the small company does not exactly have the opportunity to reach large user groups.

That is about to change now that the company will become part of Google. In addition, the concept of the CloudReady platform is integrated directly into ChromeOS. This makes it much easier to equip older computers with the Google operating system and users also receive the latest updates directly.

Concept remains

For the time being, nothing should change in the other Neverwares business concepts. The company offers a home version of CloudReadys free of charge for private users, for which normal updates are then provided. Educational institutions have an annual fee of $ 20 per device and corporate customers $49. In return, customers receive additional support and extended administration functions.

Under the umbrella of Google, CloudReady will ultimately become an interesting alternative to buying new Chromebooks for far more users. Many private individuals and companies still have older hardware to stand around. If this is now too old-fashioned for use as a full-fledged Windows PC, it can still be converted into a comparatively powerful ChromeOS system. This also makes perfect sense from the point of view of more sustainable use of products.