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Google Starts Rolling Out Play Store Material You Redesign

This is how Google describes its new design philosophy for Android 12. The first pictures have now appeared that give an outlook on what figure the Play Store is making with the new paint job. Google is reluctant to make major adjustments to its app headquarters.

The Play Store has to wait

As usual, Google has also taken on its own apps in preparation for Android 12. We were recently able to report that the relevant updates have started to be delivered for important applications such as Mail, Drive, and Calendar. These bring round shapes for input fields, more colors, and the idea of ​​UI-wide customizable design. A similar adjustment is now also being announced for Google’s Android app center: the PlayStore.

As 9to5Google reports, the company recently started to visually adapt the contact point for Android apps to the new standards. As usual, the update will be rolled out in waves and will therefore not be widely available immediately. In the new version, users are welcomed by a clearly rounded search bar. The four start pages can still be selected on the sub-page, but the selection is now also highlighted. Last but not least, the “Dynamic Color” function ensures that all interface elements can be dynamically adjusted in terms of color.

More To Come

As the report emphasizes, the update now provided also shows that Google is staying true to an old tradition: The PlayStore is often put on the back burner and only tentatively changed. In April of this year, we reported that the company had made the first adjustments to its store since 2019 with the abolition of the hamburger menu. And so it remains to be assumed that the changes that have now been made only mark the beginning of the new renovation.