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Google TV Gets Profiles For More Personalization

Google TV Profiles

The TV endeavors of the company from Mountain View in California have not been crowned with huge success so far, but with Google TV they have finally created a television operating system that is successful and easy to use. And it just gets better.

Google has tried several times in the past with Android as a TV operating system, but none of these attempts were really successful. With Google TV, however, one has now been able to land a hit, because this is used, among other things, on Chromecast and Sony televisions.

More personalization thanks to profiles

Personalization and corresponding recommendations play a major role on Google TV, based on the usage behavior of the respective user. This is practical, but only if you are alone or several people in a household share the TV taste.

If, on the other hand, you have contradicting preferences in terms of content, this sometimes becomes a less harmonious matter when it comes to recommendations or other home screen preferences. But this we know, of course, in Mountain View, and has profiles for Google TV announced.

Profiles work exactly as you would expect or they are common with individual applications such as Netflix. In the future, you can create your own personalized area on a Google TV-based television, all you need is your own Google account. This gives you tailored TV series and film recommendations, your own watchlist, and help from Google Assistant – the latter can be asked, for example, what to watch next.

Google has also announced other new features, including what is known as Ambient Mode, which shows personalized information and recommendations when the TV is idle. The information includes sports results, news, weather, and the like. With the help of onscreen shortcuts, you can also jump directly to the applications if you wish.