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Google Starts Rolling Out The New Gmail design To Everyone

As planned, Google has started rolling out the new Gmail design to everyone. The last Gmail facelift is already beginning to be available to everyone. Google has announced that has already started rolling out the new look of the desktop version of Gmail with a completely renewed interface, based on the design lines Material You or Material Design 3, which were first introduced along with Android 12.

The new version of Gmail begins to reach everyone today and promises to improve the user experience by unifying services of communication most used by users: Google Meet, Google Chat, and Gmail. Gmail has been updated to welcome the Material Design 3 layout

The new design of Gmail begins to be available after several months of tests

Google announced the redesign of Gmail in January of this year, and since then it has been carrying out various tests. It has not been until now, however, that the company has obtained all the necessary feedback to fine-tune the Gmail experience to the point of being prepared for global deployment. Thus, from today, the Gmail integrated view will be activated by default for all users of the mail service who have activated the Chat feature.

The most important thing about this change is on the left side of the screen: the apps menu allows you to switch between different Google Workspace apps, such as Gmail, Chat, Spaces, or Meet. At any time, it will be possible to choose which applications should appear in the menu, and which ones they decide to hide. In addition to that, so-called “search chips” have been added.

They are small buttons that will appear when carrying out a search, and that promise to facilitate the process of finding emails, contacts, files, or content within the messages themselves. Regarding the user interface, Gmail now uses a light blue tone for the background and the different elements of the application although it is still possible to change the theme of the mail client from the settings menu.

On the other hand, Google has confirmed that an update with even more new features will be released soon, including an improved experience for tablet users, better emojis, new accessibility features, and much more.

How to test the new Gmail design now

The new Gmail design, inspired by the Material You lines from today, all Gmail users should be able to try the new mail client interface on their devices. To do this, just access the Gmail web page from the browser on a desktop computer. In case the web page is loaded with the old interface, it will suffice to completely reload the web by deleting cached data. To do this, in Chrome you need to use the key combination Ctrl + Shift + F5 (or CMD + Shift + F5 if you’re using a Mac).