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Google Tez Introduced Messaging Features in India

Google has introduced a messaging service to its Tez Payments app—a service used in India by the users for sending and receiving money directly to their bank accounts, as per the reports of the Economic Times.

Currently, the feature is rolling out and would soon be made available to all the 13.5 million users of the application.

Google explained the reason behind the idea that it would make easy for people to keep a record and check on their transactions when they send or receive money to/from their contacts.

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As per Google, the introduced feature would make sense especially in situations when you want to remind a friend to pay back some amount of money that they owe you, or for people to explain the reason why they send someone a certain sum of money.

Paytm—which also offers a digital wallet among many other services, have recently introduced messaging into its apps. Last month even WhatsApp rolled out a support feature for payments on its platform for the users in India.

Google has recently updated Tez with the capability of surfacing bills from a variety of utility service providers—like broadband, electricity and cable TV and pays them off. By providing the messaging service in its application, it could finally permit businesses to send the transactional messages along with promotions right within Tez.

This feature could be very much like the WhatsApp’s new business app, which was introduced back in January. The most important advantage for firms that opt for this functionality is that they would be able to talk to the customers and receive payments from them effortlessly.

Initially, the inclusion of the messaging feature might sound like overkilling of the payments app Tez, but it would soon be par for the users in India with time especially for the ones who are extensively involved in transactions.

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