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Sana Safinaz Racist Campaign Receives Criticism

Sana Safinaz is one of the leading clothing brands of Pakistan. Recently it has received immense backlash on social media for allegedly starting a racist campaign.

Recently Sana Safinaz introduced their 2018 Spring Summer collection.

People on Twitter felt it was a racist campaign.

Let us see what the users wrote.

“Sana safinaz a large pakistani clothing brand using native africans and their culture as props. yall still want to tell me the deep rooted racism in pakistan is not there? try again”


Nida Kirmani wrote, “ learned nothing from their infamous ‘coolie’ ad campaign a few years ago. Now they’re at it again appropriating African culture and using black people as props. Apparently sells!

This one is really angry saying, “let’s talk about the regressive, racist, downright offensive sana safinaz shoot. it’s 2018 & they think it’s okay to use black figures as accessories and exploit black culture as a means to sell overpriced lawn?”


There are those who want to boycott the brand saying, “Sana Safinaz is straight up trash. There is no excuse in this day and age to be this ignorant, offensive and insensitive.”



Nabeha Latif wrote, ” Hey , It’s not cool to use black slaves concept to promote your lawn. What were you thinking? This is culturally offensive.”

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Heena Khaled said, “ using African culture as subservient props for a shoot is exactly why I’m not buying their lawn this time! This isn’t the first time this brand decided to appropriate a group of people who are often referred as disadvantaged

Soha wrote, “Ah, the season of lawn is here. Brand overcharging for their bloody names – repetition of designs again and oh, let’s not ignore Sana Safinaz stooping to another level by depicting racism in their photoshoot. Creativity level? Z E R O.”

Before this Sana Safinaz came under fire before in 2012 with their infamous coolie shoot.