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Google to Ditch Chargers from its Next Line of Pixel Smartphones

Google will not bring new devices with a charger in the box.

Google Pixel 6

Google just announced the new Pixel 5a. The device will go on sale starting from August 26th. The device features a 6.7-inch display, dual-camera setup, Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G Octacore SoC, a 4680mAh battery, and a charger. But this could be the last smartphone to come with a charger. It seems as if Google is also joining Apple, and Samsung is selling their units without chargers.

According to news, Google’s next line of smartphones – Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro – will most likely be missing a charger. In fact, according to Giz China, Google has officially announced that its next lineup will not bring a charger.

The Pixel 6 series is expected to come later this year.

What Google Will Gain for Not Selling Smartphones with Charges?

The primary benefit Google will get from that is cost-cutting. Since the charger is an accessory and adding extra layers of accessories will only increase smartphone makers’ cost, increasing the sales price, making it difficult for many to afford a new smartphone.

The company could also save some distribution costs since a box without a charger is lighter than a box with a charger.

And lastly (I assume the one most important thing we are missing) is saving the environment. By not making (or order to make) chargers, the company will contribute towards an eco-friendly world.