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Samsung Removes In-App Advertising From Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S22

Advertising in Samsung’s own apps on the popular Galaxy smartphones has long been a thorn in the side of many users. Now the company has decided to say goodbye to in-app advertising, at least the Korean media report, citing internal sources.

As reported by the South Korean news agency YNA, Tim Roh, who has headed Samsung’s smartphone division for several years, recently announced at a large meeting with numerous employees that he would not advertise in Samsung’s own apps on his smartphones. He replied to a corresponding question from an employee who was present that they wanted to forego advertising in all “native apps”.

No advertising for all Samsung apps

This applies to all Samsung’s own apps such as Samsung Themes, Samsung Pay, or the weather app, which are pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy smartphones from the factory. Above all, they tried to open up new growth opportunities with advertising in the in-house apps by advertising services, games, and other offers from the Galaxy ecosystem.

Obviously, the added value achieved in this way bears no relation to the often expressed criticism of the owners of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, according to which the advertising has a strong negative impact on the user experience. In fact, German users are also repeatedly shown advertisements on their Galaxy devices from Samsung’s own apps.

This is particularly annoying because the apps supplied by the device manufacturer were not installed at the user’s own request. There has not yet been an official announcement from Samsung that there will be no advertising in the apps, so it is unclear whether and when the advertising should be removed. It is also unclear whether the plans should be implemented equally in all markets.

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