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Google to launch a mid range Pixel in India


Google is doing a lot in India. We first got to know about the Android Go Initiative, the Android One phones that are tailored for customers looking for budgeted purchases, and the pixel 2 series in the premium category. Reports have surfaced that the company is working on a mid-range Pixel, specifically made for emerging markets in South Asia. That’s according to Economic Times, which states that the phone will be making its debut around July or August.

There are a lot of cellphone brands that did well in the emerging markets. The Nexus series performed really well in India and the OnePlus brand accounts India as its largest global market in the Asian region.

Aside from the mid-range Pixel phone, Google is reportedly looking to expand its product portfolio in the country, bringing the Google Home, Google Wifi, the pixel book to India.

Google is ecstatic about the expansion of the consumer products business in India with the advent of the cheap 4G internet led by Reliance Jio and other operators which it says will help to realize maximum potential of these products.

Emerging markets hold a lot of potential for mid-range devices like Pixel, to compete with local brands

The company is also set to expand its retail footprint and aggressively market its products to take on the likes of Samsung and Apple. We’ve already seen that to some extent with the Pixel 2, which had better retail presence from the first-generation model. It looks like Google is set to build on that and establish itself its brand in the country.

Their hardware distributor Redington will expand brick-and-mortar distribution reach. Google will also do in-store branding and signage in selected stores, and set up exclusive zones with specially designed fixtures like Apple.

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