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Using Drone Cameras for Covering Events Banned in Faisalabad

A ban has been imposed on usage of drone cameras for covering events in Faisalabad. The ban has been imposed by the local administration of the city. Section 144 of Criminal Procedure Code has been imposed, declaring the drone cameras usage for covering events, illegal from now onwards. The ban was ordered on the Punjab Home department directive.

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Until any other further notice is given, this ban will remain effective. All kinds of events are included in this ban be it, sports activities, marriage ceremonies, parties or any other happenings in town.

The banned devices include Drone cameras, Unmanned aircraft, Remote-controlled model aircraft, Quad-copters, Flying cameras, Helicams, and Balloons.

Till now there is knowing why Faisalabad administration has banned drones for events. Neither do we know for how long this ban will remain effective.

In 2017 the, Islamabad’s Capital Development Authority (CDA) also banned the usage of aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the F-9 Park Islamabad. Pakistan Air Force requested to place that ban. It said, “These drones can be used by miscreants to conduct terrorist acts in areas that have been secured and safeguarded against ground attacks.”

The ban by the CDA remained effective for two months but now we have no idea for how long the ban on drones cameras will remain effective in Faisalabad.

Drone camera usage is increasing day by day in Pakistan. Its benefits are unlimited from event surveillance to allowing a photographer to capture photos and videos from different angles, also when the movie of the whole event is seen one can actually experience the whole event and relive the moment. A drone camera has more reach, the method is innovative and cost-effective.

Now if in Faisalabad a ban has been placed on drone cameras for events, it is quite a disappointing news. We hope that it will soon be lifted.