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Google to launch Gboard’s split keyboards for Android tablets

Gboard is a widely used keyboard on almost all Android devices, including foldables and Wear OS watches. Back in June 2022, Google was experimenting with a split keyboard feature that was aimed at providing a better experience for foldables. And after a year, Google has announced the launch of split-layered keyboards on tablets.

As per reports via 9to5Google, this latest design of keyboard provides easy access to the keyboard for typing from the corners of the device.

With the latest update, the keyboard is split into two parts, with the middle keys “G” and “V” available on both sides of the keyboard. Although you can remove these duplicated keys via settings> preferences > layout, Although they can help you access these keys from both sides of the device,

By turning the duplicate keys off, the backspace and enter keys expand to take up the extra space on the keyboard. You can efficiently switch between normal and split keyboards. As it is in the initial stages of launch, this feature is currently available as Gboard beta v12.9.21. As per information from 9to5Google, this feature is also available on the Galaxy Tab S8.

This latest update will provide great convenience when you are using your tablet in landscape mode, as you don’t have to type with your finger expanded enough to reach the keys. This feature will provide even more convenience with bigger tablets, including the Galaxy Tab 8 Ultra, even in portrait mode.

Only a few days have passed since the formal debut of the Pixel Tablet before the split layout for Gboard on tablets is released in beta. Google has a few weeks to fix any flaws and release the layout on the stable channel before its first tablet under the Pixel brand hits the market in June 2023.