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Google is planning to bring AI generated emojis to Gboard

Artificial intelligence has become the biggest deal of 2021. This latest technology is like a metaverse for the world of technology. This technology has spread out so fast that every company is aiming to implement it in some way in their platforms. This situation is predicting artificial intelligence to be the future of internet. Google is planning to implement this technology into its flagship digital keyboard. Gboard might bring AI generated emojis in future.

Many tech companies are striving to make AI as a part of their software. As per recent information from Snapchat, it was declared that it’s planning to implement chatGPT to create its own Ai chat. This chat will be named as My AI and you’ll be able to have conversation with it just like another user. This conversation will be pinned on the top of your conversations.

This latest feature by snapchat will be available first at snapchat+ and later on it will be available to other users as well.

Gboard will use AI generated emojis

 There are currently many emojis available for you to use in order to express yourself more fully. Use the Emoji Kitchen tool if you can’t locate the correct one. By merging already existing emojis, this will produce new ones. The options for your emojis are almost endless thanks to this, but Google wants to take things much farther.

Google wants to leverage its text-to-image generator to help users generate never-before-seen emojis, according to an APK deep-dive conducted by 9To5Google. The company’s engine, “Imagen,” was first introduced in May 2022. This was at the start of the tech industry’s current obsession with AI imaging.

The most recent beta of the application ( contains strings that refer to a “Imagen keyboard.” The source claims that the Short Strip will include an icon for it. The icons that are directly above the keyboard look like that. It houses the GIF, button, sticker button, and clipboard.

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