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Google transfers $250,000 to blogger, doesn’t want it back until

Google writes sales in the billions and not only takes in money but also pays it out. Apparently, there are also glitches: a blogger and security expert was surprised to see a random transfer of a quarter of a million dollars. Honest is best: That’s what Sam Curry, hacker, security expert, and blogger thought, when he suddenly found $249,999 in his account, from Google.

There was no explanation, the money was suddenly in the account. But Curry knew by his own account that the company would sooner or later reclaim everything and reported the mysterious entrance to Google himself. So he contacted the search engine giant, which wasn’t exactly an easy task, even in such cases. Curry submitted a support ticket, but as NPR reported, Google didn’t respond for days and even weeks. So he broke the news, tweeting, “It’s been a little over three weeks since Google randomly sent me $249,999 and I still haven’t listened to the support ticket. Is there a way to @ contact Google?”

If Google doesn’t want the money…

Not only did he attach a screenshot showing the transfer to the tweet, but he also said in parentheses: “It’s OK if you don’t want it back…” That Google him in the system or his saved account number is due to the fact that Curry works as a bug hunter and therefore collects corresponding bonuses. However, the transfer did not have a current reason, according to Curry. Recently, however, the company from Mountain View, California, has taken on the matter. Because after a month, someone got in touch with Curry and Google told NPR: “Due to human error, our team recently made a payment to the wrong party. We are grateful that the affected partner informed us of this quickly and we are working.” set about correcting the error.”