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Google Pixel 7 Pro Visits benchmark: Slight improvement with new CPU

Google is launching its new Pixel 7 series in early October, introducing a new processor as well. The so-called Google Tensor G2 has now been shown for the first time in a benchmark test. This indicates that little is happening in terms of performance and clock rates.

A Google Pixel 7 Pro appeared on Geekbench for the first time over the weekend, although the test results already suggest that not much is happening in terms of performance. Instead, Google is probably making changes in niche areas such as AI functions. The pure CPU and graphics performance, on the other hand, should only increase slightly.

Benchmark details

According to hobby snoopers and software developers, what the largely unchanged results of the performance measurement already indicate is confirmed Kuba Wojciechowski also looks at the more detailed data from the Geekbench database.

It is easy to read there that Google and its hardware partner Samsung really only make minimal improvements. The maximum clock rate of the Tensor G2 for the three high-end cores based on ARM Cortex-A76 has increased by just 100 megahertz to 2.35 gigahertz. The ultra core based on ARM Cortex-X1 will reach a maximum of 2.85 gigahertz in the future, so it will only run 50 megahertz faster than the previous chip.

In connection with the slightly increased clock rates and the change to an improved manufacturing process, the new chip should ultimately deliver around 10 percent higher benchmark values ​​in Geekbench. Above all, Samsung’s switch to production on a 4-nanometer scale is likely to be responsible for the slight improvement in performance.

For potential buyers of the Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro, this means they can’t expect a significant performance boost, at least when it comes to the CPU. It is conceivable that Samsung and Google have invested primarily in graphics performance and are making improvements in terms of AI performance.

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