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Google is returning to China and Google Translate for Chinese users is their first move of action

Google Translate Mobile App - Now available in China

After so many years of long distances, Google Translate is returning to its one of the largest markets; China.

Seven years ago, a group of hackers and scammers bullied Google when they tried to access several Gmail accounts and Google, in large. The search giant soon after the incident released a post saying that they might have to remove censorship from Google.cn (the China-focussed Google version). And also, would be shutting down their offices in China.

After which, Chinese Google users had to suffer from many of their services. And Google Translate app was one of them.

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Although, users had access to a web-based version of Google Translate but a mobile app was necessary to grow a business. China has a population of around 1.4 billion and nearly half of them (around 695 million) access the internet on their mobile devices. Google understands that a web-based version is not enough to capture a big market like China. They had to offer a mobile app as well.

Breaking barriers, Google recently announced the release of the newest Google Translate mobile app for Chinese users. This news was first rolled out on Google’s official blog. Users can now easily download Google Translate from Apple Store for iOS or direct download for Android devices (Google Play Store is yet to released for China).

Rumors also tell that Google Play Store is also soon to be fully functional in China. But they might be working with a potential partner. Source say that Netease, China’s second-largest games firm, could become Google partner in China.

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