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Now you can schedule messages with Scheduled for iOS

Schedule Messages with Scheduled

You must have heard of applications built to schedule your Facebook post for a later time. In fact, Facebook also owns this feature. But have you heard of an app which can schedule messages?

A new iOS app is featuring the first ever message scheduling application; Scheduled. The app is basically your assistant who can schedule your important messages. And can save you from troubles.

Scheduled follows below simple steps:

  • Compose your message
  • Select the contact
  • Schedule it for a later time and date
  • Choose a method of sending your scheduled message
  • The app will send a notification when the right time strikes and you send the message
  • Once it’s done, the app clears the board and prepares for the next scheduled event

The app works well with iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Twiter. Not only this, you can also set notifications to make calls or send emails in the future.

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Scheduled is rolled out only for iOS-based devices and is available for download on Apple Store. An Android version might follow later.

You can schedule messages BUT…

The questions here arises; is this message scheduling app worth your mobile space?

For me, it’s just another app. What’s the purpose when it can’t send messages automatically? Why can’t put an alarm or mark a reminder call on the calendar?

Even the developers said:

We are investigating the options [for auto-send], but it’s hard from a technical perspective. And our concept is to support people to be thoughtful. When we have auto-send then people can act like robots.

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