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Google Transliteration API Has Stopped Working

Google Transliteration

Google transliteration API was quite popular when it comes to translating world languages into the local language, the API supported many international languages, and you could also find various transliteration tools to understand things that you couldn’t in the first place. Despite the benefits for users Google seems to have no value for transliteration API hence the company announced deprecating the transliteration API.

Despite been deprecated in 2011, the Google Transliteration API continues to work for hundreds of websites providing transliteration service to their users. Google said, “The Google Transliterate API has been officially deprecated as of May 26, 2011. It will continue to work as per our deprecation policy.”

Permanently Stopped Working OR Temporary Glitch?

The question is; Google has ditched the transliteration API permanently or it will continue to work as Google said in earlier statements. The answer is still unknown, Research Snipers has noted that some transliteration sites has suddenly stopped working, upon further investigation, we realized that Google own example of transliteration on API documentation has stopped working and throwing error in search console.

The errors are originating from Java Script API

“Loading elements other than input tools with the jsapi loader is unsupported: Line 90”

“Uncaught Error: Must call google.charts.load before google.charts.setOnLoadCallback

    at Object.E.M [as setOnLoadCallback] (jsapi:87)

    at singlelangtransliteration:55”

It is unclear Google will fix these errors or not, although it’s been deprecated since 2011 it was working until 2020 a few days before writing this content, nothing can be said for tomorrow. The websites running on the transliteration powered by Google API now have to look for these errors and find a way to fix them, or they might need to get rid of Google API entirely.

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