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Google TV Android App With Integrated Remote Control Released

Google TV app

Google has equipped its TV app with integrated remote control. This should make it possible to remotely control devices with Android TV. This should be useful mainly for users without a controller. At the moment, however, the software does not seem to be working properly.

Some time ago, Google started to rename the Android app “Play Movies & Series” to “Google TV”. So far, the new application has not been rolled out in this country. That should change now. The first users in Germany are said to have already received the update. The latest version of the software should replace the old “Android TV Remote Control” app and have a way to control Android TVs.

Connection does not work yet

Although the remote control was made available to all users with the new version 4.28.46, the feature does not seem to work at the moment. According to 9to5google, it is currently not possible to connect a device to the in-app remote. No devices can be found to pair with, even after the necessary permissions have been granted. After 30 seconds, only an error message appears. It is unclear why an unfinished function was built into the app.

It is conceivable that Google’s developers will fix the problem in the next few days and provide another update. Despite the in-app remote not working, users can now use a quick settings button. The button takes the user directly to the remote control without first having to click through the Google TV app. However, the in-app remote remains inoperative even in this way.

The “Play Films & Series” app is installed by default on all Android smartphones that use Google Play Services. The update with the renaming to “Google TV” should be loaded automatically. Alternatively, the app can be found here.