YouTube Download Option Would Now Be Available On Desktop

YouTube Download

YouTube users could soon have the long-awaited opportunity to officially download videos on their desktop computer and make them available for offline use. A corresponding feature is currently being tested by the Google platform.

According to the YouTube team, the test run should be carried out by October 19, as reported by The Verge. Until then, the function can be tried out in the experimental area of the portal. However, this area is only accessible to premium members and it is to be expected that this will also apply to the download feature later – similar to the implementation of the offline function in the smartphone app.

Here, too, not all users seem to be included in the test. However, if you belong to the illustrious circle and are traveling with a supported browser – according to Google, this is Chrome, Edge, and Opera – a download button is displayed under the player. One-click ensures that the respective video is made available offline.

There is a Catch

The downloaded clips can then be accessed via a new Downloads section on the YouTube page. So this is not a download in the usual sense. The content cannot be viewed or used outside of the browser. The section also points out that the videos are only permanently available offline as long as the computer goes online briefly at least once every 30 days. This is a further indication that the function can only be used with an existing premium membership, which can be checked in this way.

If you want to test the feature, you should first be aware that it is currently an experimental offer that sometimes still has errors. There are reports that videos are transferred to the offline area, but no download takes place and the progress indicator remains at 0 percent. If you try again after a few minutes, you may get a better result.