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Google TV Adding More: Smart Home And Channels


Google’s attempts to get Android on TVs have had limited success so far. But with Google TV, the tide has turned, even if it was ultimately just a name change. Be that as it may: They want to expand Google TV and probably have some plans here. Google TV has long been on devices like Chromecast, but Japanese entertainment giant Sony is also using it. And as owners of current Bravia models will probably know, the operating system of the group from Mountain View, California, which has been adapted for TVs, has also proven itself.

Google TV is mulling more new features

The interest in finding out what Google is preparing for the future should be correspondingly large. And in an interview with Protocol via Android Authority revealed Rob Caruso, Google TV Director of Product Management, that many exciting innovations are planned.

According to Caruso, Google TV already has an integrated smart home control, but they want to improve it significantly based on the latest findings and developments from Android. Google is planning a step that is quite obvious, namely that the TV set will become a smart home hub and thus replace or supplement the smartphone. Another thing Google says Caruso is very interested in is fitness.

This is also certainly understandable, because the pandemic in particular has shown that the screen in front of the television can and must replace the gym. In addition, Google TV should have expanded options in terms of video communication. Caruso referred to the already integrated duo, but can also imagine supporting other services – he himself explicitly mentioned Zoom. Finally, the Google manager said that they are working on offering more free TV channels, last year the concern integrated Pluto TV.


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