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Google TV To Have A New Feature More Personalization On Each Profile

Google TV

The efforts of the search engine giant to establish Android as the operating system for TVs have been in vain for a long time. With the revised Google TV you have come closer to the goal and this is now getting a feature that many users have been eagerly awaiting.

Google TV is an improved version of Android TV and is currently best known and used as the interface of the latest version of Chromecast. The look and functionality of Google TV are now also distributed on TV sets with Android TV and can be found on current Sony televisions, for example. And even if Google TV is a big step forward, it’s not perfect.

More Customization

Perhaps the feature that Google TV lacks the most is separate profiles. It is possible to log in with different Google accounts, but not to set up and operate two completely different interfaces which normally you see in Netflix and others. Because the home screen and personal recommendations are always based on the primary user account.

But that should change soon: As 9to5Google discovered, the Group from Mountain View is preparing exactly that. In version 1.0.370 of the Google TV Home app, you can discover initial preparations for two completely separate user profiles.

Because there you can discover or read the following via an APK teardown: “Add another account to this device in order to have your own, personalized Google TV experience.” In addition, Google explains that you can “manage existing accounts under Settings and then Accounts & Registration”.

The function is currently not live, because it cannot be used even after installation. But it is certainly only a matter of time before it is officially approved.