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Google under fire for violating user data protection

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Google is facing investigation for apparently gathering information about the location of cell phone users without their knowledge.

Regulators in South Korea summoned Google representatives this week to address them about a report that guaranteed the organization was gathering information from Android gadgets notwithstanding when local services were disabled.

The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) is completing an investigation into the cases that Google gathered clients’ Cell ID information without consent even when their cell phone’s location service was latent.

U.K. data protection authorities are additionally investigating the issue

The probes follow a report by Quartz which discovered Android phones have been gathering locations of nearby cell towers. Those addresses were incorporated into data, for example, Cell ID codes, sent to Google for almost a year.

Google said the information was gathered to enhance notifications and message conveyance, and was not put away on Google servers. Android phones are never again asking for Cell ID codes, and accumulation ought to be eliminated for the current month, it said. Google never consolidated the information into its framework, with the goal that information was instantly discarded of, and updated the network system never to never again ask for Cell ID.

On the off chance that Google gathered Cell IDs without consent, the organization may have violated South Korea’s Location Data Protection Act, regardless of whether the information was put away on Google’s U.S. servers or not.

An official examination has not yet been launched, and more data will probably need to originate from Google’s U.S. central station. Android phones are dominating the global market.

Android telephones overwhelm the worldwide market. In South Korea, cell phones utilizing Google’s Android working framework, including Samsung and LG gadgets, represent over 80% of the market, as indicated by inquire about firm IDC.

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