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Google Unveils Google Pixel 6 With Tensor SoC Releasing This Fall

Google Pixel 6

The search engine giant Google has unveiled the new generation of the Pixel series. The future model should appear in the fall and replace the current flagship. The AI-based tensor chip developed by Google will be used in future devices.

Google gave a preview of the Pixel 6 (Pro) on its blog. After some leaks about the new models recently appeared, the redesign has now been confirmed. The smartphone has a matt aluminum surface and the Pro model also has a polished aluminum frame. The camera module on the back has been completely renewed. Since the sensors are too big for a square arrangement, the lenses were housed together with an LED flash in a camera bar.

Smartphone with the new Google Tensor SoC

The 6.4-inch display of the Pixel 6 should resolve with FHD + and have a refresh rate of 90 Hertz. The screen of the Pro model is 6.7 inches, has a QHD + resolution, and displays 120 images per second. The integrated tensor chip is designed for AI and machine learning and works together with the Titan M2 security chip. There are currently no further specifications. Both the Google Pixel 6 and the Pro version are said to be available in three different color variants.

Google Pixel 6 Pro

Of course, the latest version of the Google operating system, Android 12, runs on the Pixel 6 (Pro). Since some functions are supposed to work with machine learning, the built-in tensor chip is particularly suitable for the new smartphone. In addition, Android 12 has a redesign called “Material You”. This means that users can benefit from a uniform look and numerous revised animations.

It is unclear what prices the new Google flagship will cost. The future models are to be delivered from October. There is no exact date yet. Before that, Google should present the Pixel 6 (Pro) in more detail and give further details.