Microsoft is Giving Big Discounts on the Surface Duo in the UK and US

Microsoft is offering big discounts to the Surface Duo in the UK.

Microsoft Surface Duo

The starting price for the Microsoft Surface Duo in the UK was set at £1,400. The company is now offering more than 50% discount on this product in the UK.

The new price for this Android smartphone in the UK is £679 including VAT. This is the price for the base model with a 128GB storage option. For the upper model with a 256GB storage option, the new price is £729.

Not only that, but Microsoft is also something similar in the USA. The new price for the Surface Duo in the US for the 128GB model is $649, while it’s $699 for the 256GB model. Interestingly, the same device has also seen a price that goes even below $400 for the AT&T carrier-locked variant.

The Surface Duo has seen similar discounts in Microsoft’s US store where it costs $649 (or $699 for the 256GB). The phone has seen prices even below $400 for the AT&T carrier-locked variant.

You may be wondering the reason behind all these big discounts. So we tell you it’s due to the poor hardware performance. The device has a poor build quality around the charging port and has a high repairing cost. Also, the device’s camera is also not up to the mark.

There are rumors about another Surface Duo coming soon. The device might come in September or October this year and might have a triple-camera setup, with NFC support, and powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888.

We don’t have much information about this device. But we hope that this device is tested well before it’s released and doesn’t come with any of the above-mentioned flaws.


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