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Google Updated Maps For iPhone X

It’s been a month to iPhone X’s release and recently the most awaited application update has been finally introduced for the new phone—which is the update of Google’s Maps.

iPhone X is the most desired and popular phone presently. No matter the country or place the moment its made available it sells out in hours. iPhone X is not a cheap phone, it for sure is pricey so is its repair and maintenance. Apple’s newly launched phone broke all the records and is among the most sold phone ever.

Google has modernized Maps application for the iPhone X’s screen. The maps of different places when googled on the iPhone looks pretty cute, however, Google may need to reconsider its UI some more for the elongated screen. The firm took more time than expected in launching the update, as the update was a one-day thing, but the company took few extra weeks. The extra time was not spent on changing the basic interface for the iPhone X. This means that now the search bar of the app is placed much higher than its placement on the older version of the application. The hamburger menu that contained additional options present on the left pane cannot be practically reached single-handedly.

Still, the update is something, I mean at least something is offered for the much-hyped phone.

The update is present at the iOS App Store, now.

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