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Get Local Home Services with Your Google Assistant

Google Assistant is now updated to assist one in finding local services, like a handyman or an electrician or a plumber or a housecleaner or more. All one need to do is to say, “OK Google” to the Assistant on your mobile phone or Google Home, followed by a quick mention of finding the particular service one wants to have.

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An example is presented, indicating calling a plumber. Saying “OK Google, find me a plumber” to Google Assistant initiates the Assistant’s search, side by side asking some questions that might help in finding exactly the kind of service one is looking for, like installing some garbage disposal or the repair of some faucet. From there, Google Assistant would further be asking whether one likes to call from an application or if one likes to search for the options in one’s area.

The feature would be widely available in the United States market over the next week. Google says that the Assistant would be suggesting only those businesses that have been pre-screened by the HomeAdvisor, Google and some other firms. So, there is satisfaction in knowing that the workers hired using the Assistant’s recommendations would be good and fit for the job.

If one is residing in a city where there are no pre-screened businesses even then the Assistant will not disappoint one, instead, it would suggest results of nearby areas.

Google Assistant is known for providing answers to every question ranging from the traffic situation to information about some local business. Now its providing more for making the users experience much easier by assisting even in the local needed demands or services.

It is again a good roll out and lets us hope that it may become available across the world soon.

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