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Google Voice can now swap between cellular and Wi-Fi during a call

Google Voice is a smart and handy VoIP calling service. It enables the connection between people residing in the US and Canada at virtually free of cost. This year the service has received several updates. The updates include Smart Replies and the ability to make calls with a single click on the web. As of now, Google is announcing another update for Voice. It signifies improved call quality. The company is stating the new feature as intelligent network switching.

Google mentioned in its Workspace Updates blog that previous versions of Voice would pick the network upon placing the calls. It will remain stuck to the same network for the whole duration of the call. Thus, indicating that calls could be dropped if the given conditions changed. But now all thanks to the latest update. Since Google Voice can now automatically switch between cellular data and Wi-Fi. This swapping could be done even in the middle of a call given the factor that audio quality compromises the present data stream.

From Friday the feature has started to roll out to Google Voice customers. So we can undoubtedly say that many consumers will already be benefitting from the performance upgrade. In addition to this, the feature doesn’t hold any admin restrictions or specific switches to turn on the feature. Eventually making it accessible to nearly all consumers. Although this feature is targeted at mobile users. However, a small fraction of Chromebook users could also use the Voice app.

Given the conventional wireless service, callers can switch between Voice over LTE and Voice over Wi-Fi mid-flow. Whereas Google Voice is a pretty niche service. It’s quite surprising for this feature to land in the service this late. Since Google Voice was introduced all the way back in 2009.

During this year, the company closed its doors on the legacy web portal for Voice. Thus, forcefully moving the long-time users to a new one. Where it lost several of its useful features in doing so. However, mobile carriers have not been substituted by Google Voice from the time it arrived. It has provided its services as an exceptional supplemental network offering for Google account holders.