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Google Voice drops the Smart Reply feature

The last update to Google Voice has removed the option of Smart Reply from the app. The feature will no longer be available on any Android smartphone or iOS. Last year, in February, the feature was introduced by the company. It was presented at the bottom of the messages in the Google Voice app.

The feature was capable of reading the last messages. Moreover, it could generate three contextual replies. These replies were presented on a pill just above the Type A Message field. Upon tapping, the messages could be sent easily.  Google Voice has received a new release v2023.01.09. It is released for both Play Store as well as App Store. The latest release mentions that smart reply is removed. It appears like a server-side modification.

On the other hand, Android is capable of generating Smart Reply suggestions. It is quite a handy feature since it has the capacity to suggest accurate contextual messages. Thus, making it easy to reply to certain messages by simply clicking on the suggestion pills.

On the other hand, it is expected that Google might introduce this feature as a system-level feature instead of on a per-app basis. However, the apps like Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Messages are still provided with the feature Smart Reply. However, Google Voice was among the first apps to display Android 13’s image picker given the recent Android 13 updates.