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Google widgets for Maps, Chrome, and Gmail are coming to iOS 16


With Android and iOS, Google and Apple are the biggest competitors in smartphone operating systems. While Apple isn’t bringing the services to Android, Google is now working on broad support for the new widgets in Apple’s iOS 16. Maps, Chrome, Drive, Gmail, Google Search, and Google News will offer widgets.

Google’s announcement is still nothing more than that, an announcement. Because the new widgets are not yet available for the start of iOS 16. Google announces the release of the widgets for the next few weeks without being more specific.

Navigation and quick search via maps

Google Maps widget for iOS 16 can show real-time expected travel time for places like home or work and current traffic. Clicking on the widget opens the navigation in Maps with the preselected destination and can be started faster. The widget can also be used to search for restaurants, shops, or nearby attractions.

New emails with Gmail

According to the current status, the widget for Gmail will not directly display new e-mails but will inform you about the number of new e-mails in the inbox. It can be customized to list inbox categories one by one.

Google search by typing, voice, and camera

The widget for the Google search will either allow quick access to search input or search by voice or via the camera. The translation of signposts and other signs via Google’s service will also be accessible via quick access.

Access Chrome from the home screen

A widget is coming for Chrome to quickly access the alternative browser, while also being able to access an incognito tab or search from the widget.

Also Drive and News as a widget

The Drive widget will provide quick access to the files stored in Google Drive and show suggestions for editing. Google News widget shows new news on the iOS 16 home screen. The extent to which categories and content can be filtered is not yet known.

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