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Google working on a new model with Nest Wifi, unified design, and WiFi 6

Google is currently working on a new Nest Wifi model. The new edition has to rely on Wi-Fi 6 and a unified design. The predecessor was released in 2019 and made a distinction between routers and access points. The new model could come in multiple colors.

As 9to5google writes, an unknown source has given the online magazine new details about the upcoming Google Nest Wifi series mesh routers. The new devices should have WiFi 6. The models may already support Wi-Fi 6E. However, there is no confirmation for this yet. With Wi-Fi 6, the wireless routers can transfer data at speeds of up to 9.6 gigabits per second.

The Google Nest Wifi is available both as a router and as a mesh access point. While the router is connected to a modem, the mesh devices extend the range of the network. The original variant was released in 2016 under the name Google Wifi, and the previous year’s redesign used the same hardware for the router and mesh amplifiers. When the Nest Wifi system was added to the range in 2019, Google introduced two different variants. The Nest Wifi Access Point can also be used as a voice assistant.

No difference between the two variants

That should change with the new edition. In terms of design and hardware, there is no longer a distinction between router and mesh point. However, it is still unclear whether the new model also has the Google Assistant. The new edition of Google Nest Wifi may come in different color variants. In addition to the already known colors, some new models could be offered. The devices should see the light of day in the fall. It is conceivable that Google will present the new Nest Wifi together with the Pixel 7 and will launch it on the market a short time later.