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Google mocks Apple for not offering RCS messages as yet

As is often the case, Drake’s new song “Texts Go Green” became popular very quickly, and Google used this success to remind Apple that it still hadn’t adopted the RCS protocol on its iPhones.

In a video posted in a tweet via the official Android Twitter account, Google again taunted Apple with Drake’s song “Texts Go Green.” This title, from the album “Honestly, Nevermind” that the artist has just released, points directly to one of the biggest problems with iPhones.

Indeed, the American singer’s song reminds us that when you receive a message on an iPhone, if it appears in a blue bubble, it means that it was sent from another iPhone from iMessage. However, if it appears in a green bubble, it uses the less reliable SMS protocol and probably comes from an Android smartphone or a user who is blocked on iMessage.

Google Reminds Apple Still Slow To Adopt RCS

With his tweet, Google underscores Apple’s refusal to implement the RCS protocol on iPhones† Google calls the song a “real stunner,” saying the “phenomenon” of green speech bubbles is “pretty rough,” both for Android smartphone users and anyone else stuck.

The problem is that some internet users often have a very vague idea of ​​these green bubblesand some even go as far as pestering their friends to buy an iPhone It is also recalled that Apple is voluntarily endangering its users by refusing to use the new RCS protocol. When iPhone and Android users communicate via the SMS protocol, the messages are not encrypted end-to-end, unlike the RCS protocol.

“If only a super talented team of engineers at Apple could solve this problem,” the company adds in the video. “Because it’s a problem that only Apple can solve. They should really just take over the RCS.” It’s not the first time Google has demanded that Apple replace SMS with RCS and stop imposing iMessage, but we’re not sure this new provocation will change the American giant’s mind.