Google’s co-founder is back on the platform to bolster its AI efforts

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two of Google’s co-founders, announced their departure from the firm in 2019. Despite moving backward, the two nevertheless maintained total control because of their voting power. Since then, both have largely taken a hands-off approach to managing the conglomerate, but Brin apparently made the decision to return to help the business advance its AI initiatives.

People with direct knowledge of the situation, according to a Wall Street Journal report, claim that Brin now visits the Google offices three to four times per week. This also doesn’t seem to be a fresh phenomenon, as Brin reportedly began to increase his presence as ChatGPT’s notoriety grew last year.

If you recall, last year’s quick rise of ChatGPT caused Google’s executives to press the panic button. According to reports, the executives believed the technology posed a danger to Google’s Search division. To concentrate on developing AI solutions, current CEO Sunder Pichai even started removing personnel from ongoing initiatives.

What Brin appears to be doing is utilizing his position to assist the group working on Gemini, Google’s alleged next-generation AI model that outperforms other AI models already on the market. He mostly assists in the hiring process, which is important given that the organization just lost several local researchers.

With Brin’s return, attention shifts to Pichai and how the co-founder’s assistance has made him feel. The article claims that Pichai is not only unconcerned with Brin’s engagement but supportive of it.

Google’s plans to introduce more than 20 AI products this year were made public earlier this year. Some of those items, like the Android wallpaper creator for Pixel phones, are now in our possession.

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