Google is annoyingly pushing users to backup their photos

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Some users prefer to back up their gallery data to Google servers while others don’t. whether you like it or not as part of a recent update Google Photos is now encouraging users to back up their photos.

If you are unaware of how a backup works, then don’t worry we have this simple explanation that will give you an insight into this feature. Select the particular folder that you wish to back up. Once selected, the photos or videos added to that folder will automatically be uploaded to Google servers. In this way, a backup for the selected photos will be created in the Google Photos app.  

Regardless of whatever device you took the picture on, you may access that image or video from the Google Photos app on any other device. Even the Google Photos page in your browser allows you to view it. One thing to remember here is that it is an automatic process that keeps working in the background.

A new banner notifies users to back up their photos

In case a user has not tuned on the backup for photos, they will be notified about it via a banner appearing on the top of the screen. The banner reads “Unlock the power of Google Photos”. Clicking on it will direct the users to a page with a checklist that contains three features.

The first feature is about the backup of photos, the second one is regarding the notifications, and the third one signs in the user to Google Photos. All the boxes will be checkmarked in case a user has already enabled them. Most people might not be interested in turning on the backups while others might be. Google might be hitting at such users who wish to have a backup enabled.

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