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Google’s new operating system coming soon could change the OS dynamics

Google's new operating system

Google is going to ring the bells Google’s New operating system again in an operating systems market, It is being said that Google is seriously pursuing the new operating system development, but the cat looks still in the bag because no one has a clear idea yet what this operating system is going to be precisely. This project is classed as Fuchsia according to Github,


PINK + PURPLE = FUCHSIA the new operating system

There had been so many rumors last year about the product but still no one can say what this new operating system by Google has in its arsenal. So far so good, but we only know little about this operating system is that “It is not based on Linux kernel which is the fundamental coding base for Android and Chrome. Google could be using different technology in this new operating system.

Different technical experts have their different instincts and opinions about the development and core purpose of this software, some people say it is going merge both OS and android into one single operating system and others say it could be used for powering the hardware such as Google Onhub router or third party devices.


According to GitHub Fuchsia is going to use Magenta kernel as their core coding and it’s going to be lightweight, Little-kernel is said to be a project itself which is specifically designed to power this OS, Little-kernel is designed to be used in embedded systems.

“The systems that do not require an operating system itself and are pre-installed with embedded software or OS like a digital camera, watch and others”



Google’s documentation for this project also clarifies that Magenta kernel has a potential to do much more rather than just powering the routers, on contrary it could be used by phones having fast processors and hefty RAM. Moreover, Fuchsia will be used for graphics rendering and “augmented reality interfaces”.


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These are all the propelling till today, but in reality Google knows better how far they have gone and what progress they have made in reality so far. According to Swetland “Google have tested the OS on various devices and the process of testing is under monitoring with driver support still to work on”

Another Google’s developer Travis Geiselbrecht who is one of the key members in Fuchsia OS development project says, “Support for the Raspberry Pi 3 will soon be rolling out. If we consider the progress at this rate then it is not too far when Fuchsia will be neck and neck with operating systems in terms of utilization.




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Image via: Fossbytes