Apple Battery Car Can Set The New Innovative Trends In Auto Industry

Apple battery car

Apple battery car has created hype amongst masses for the last few months, people are keen to see Apple’s first ever branded car cruising the roads, the question remains unanswered

“whether Apple would be able to hit the roads with their new electric car” or not

but Apple looks really committed and passionate about developing this new electric car. That is why Apple is stuffing millions of dollars in their Research and Development in order to make it feasible for developing the new electric car.

During the past few months Apple car team has inflated to over 1000 key members. Additionally, Apple has hired numerous tech savvies in from Automobile industry that have strong knowledge and expertise over the whole process of car development and manufacturing. Moreover, Apple has also hired professionals that have strong expertise over the car battery technologies because Apple is more interested in developing an electric car.

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According to ET News which is a Korean-based news agency, Apple has locked a deal with Korean Battery Company which is said to be a part of their current interest in launching Apple’s car into the market. Interestingly, the reported Korean company has employed 20 to 25 innovative experts in battery technology. More fascinating is the clue that the company is focusing on generating innovative batteries that will be hollow-centered instead bulky stuffed interior.


After a careful analysis of the situation Apple has also recalled her former executive Bob Mansfield to lead this critical project. This development also indicates that Apple is damn serious about jumping into the Automobile industry with their innovative and extremely powerful battery Car floating in the market.

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Image via: macobserver