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Googling someone has been increased by 100 percent in the recent years

Technology-based words are becoming more and more popular, the word Google as a verb means to google someone was placed at the second place in Merrian-Webster’s annual “word –of-the-year” 2006. Similarly, the word “Facebook” came in second place in 2007.

According to the report, people searching for themselves and other online has been increased dramatically in the last five years from 22 percent to almost 47 percent. The report claims that people google themselves to check the public personae how they appear and what information the search brings up for them.

Googling someone online brings up an online identity of a person, this strategy is now being employed by various recruiters to conduct background checks. New York Times reported a story where the potential candidate was googled online and brought forward some disturbing persona to the recruiter and he changed his mind to offer a job to that person.

The main problem with online identities is the old and outdated and cached information, you may have changed the job, you may have graduated from a different institution after changing the one might appear in your online identity and contradicts the information on your resume. The social media and search engines can totally change the perception of viewer about you.

However, there is also a guide on how to clear your online presence (embarrassment), you follow these steps and you are done. Employers nowadays may use the googling technique to confirm the credentials that you listed on your resume, if they become skeptical about the information you provided is wrong, you may not hear from them, the awaited call could be lost forever.

According to the report, 82% of the adults who maintain their social profiles say it is visible on Google, 11% of the users said they have searched for the information about the person they were thinking to hire. Only 3% of the users regularly searched themselves online while 74% have searched themselves on Google once or twice. So keep searching yourself on Google to get accurate instances of your online persona, you may become a victim of dual personality if you don’t.