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Google Would Allow Booking Hotels and Flights Via Search Results

On Tuesday Google announced about allowing one to book hotels and flights via search results. It informed that it has changed the way people look for hotels and flights using their respective smartphones in a bid to make the trip planning much simpler and easier on mobile devices.

The company revealed that hotels and flights bookings could now be made via the Google Search results. Users could scroll among the search results for hotels that have got photos and could switch through those photos without the need to leave the list of results.

Filters could also be applied on the results page—like the date and price filter, and booking could also be done through Google.

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For booking flights, the same strategy could be used as bookings could be done via searching and the same filters could be used for comparing the hotels on the air travel search results.

Google mentioned that users could now swipe more easily between the flights and hotels with the new tab layout.

Users could also search by destination for learning about the best flight options and hotels. There is a tab for “More Destinations” that allows recommendations on nearby trips for that originally planned destination and Google approved firms might offer additional services and facilities that could be availed while on the trip to the actual destination.

Google has decided to make this easier as more and more people are getting into planning and booking for travel purposes via their smartphones, rather than using a computer for the purpose. Or many people find it really irritating to flip through tabs for the last-minute changes, so they prefer an easy much simpler way to access their bookings to make the desired changes.

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