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Government To Draw Boundaries On Social Media In Pakistan

Recently the Interior Minister of Pakistan Chaudhry Nisar ordered action against people making fun of Pakistan army on social media. Subsequent to this controversy the government has now decided to draw boundaries for service providers of social media in the country. The Interior Minister said that we are not constraining social media, but we are forming red lines according to the law and Constitution of Pakistan. Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan attended a meeting with representatives from Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors, Pakistan Broadcasters Association and All Pakistan Newspaper Society. After the meeting the Interior Minister talked about this issue in a press conference.

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He further said that we are not doing anything illegal or restricting the freedom of speech that people use through social media. We are just safeguarding the cultural values and morals of a society. Therefore he recommended to the critics of this crackdown not to create anarchy. He warned that those sabotaging our value system would have to be stopped and taking an action on it is necessary.

The Interior Minister talked about post on social media regarding the removal of an ISPR tweet, he said that such posts are intolerable especially at a time where the country is fighting battle against terror.