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Pakistan’s First AI Incubator ADDO AI Launched Yesterday

Pakistan’s first even Artificial Intelligence Incubator and Advisory ADDO AI is launched on Thursday whose focus is to improve conventional services and infrastructure of various government sectors.
The Artificial Intelligence Incubator is launched in Lahore, the incubator will be connected to Singapore, Dubai and Mumbai for AI project sharing in different phases.
The incubator has strong team members having background in AI industry and academics. Pakistan’s top AI professors Dr. Faisal Kamran, Dr. Asim Karim, Dr. Mohsen Ali and Dr. Adnan Noon Mian.

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The incubator center is aiming at using the power of Artificial Intelligence to make this world better by amalgamating imagination and AI together to deliver fundamentally improved services and build data-driven platforms that could change the way how governments and organizations work. The incubator will focus on helping, facilitating startups, government departments and other organizations to build AI enabled platforms.
Director of Data Science Lab Dr. Faisal Kamran, is an expert in data sciences, machine learning, analytics and sentiment analysis. While talking to media he confidently said, “this incubator will help creating more jobs in Pakistan working for foreign companies from Lahore.”
Faisal also said that, “We will connect this incubator with Dubai and Mumbai so that we can become one of the best Asian incubators”
ADDO name is derived from Latin which means to add something, represents the core objective of this incubator to add something in the existing industry knowledge.

Faisal said, students in this field will get an opportunity to work directly on the industry problems. Faisal further elaborated the potential of AI and said, we can research and predict using AI systems to find out why people are leaving or switching to other networks in Pakistan Telecommunication Industry.
Comparatively, to find out these questions without the help of technology, it becomes very hard, time consuming and cost consuming and resource intensive to collect and analyze data.
Dr. Faisal also added by following another example in healthcare industry, “if we are given a task to find out the most prominent diseases in Multan and Southern Punjab, we can build a system using existing data to predict future data and bring healthcare reforms.
Addo AI currently provides advisory services to global clients such as SMRT, Singapore’s largest transportation company. SMRT is the project which is being catered by Addo AI. SMRT project will be launched in top 10 universities of Singapore where it will first appear as pilot project, later it will be implemented across Singapore’s transport system.
ITU Vice Chancellor and Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) Chairman Dr Umar Saif, while inaugurating the ITU’s first incubator “ADDO AI”, said that Pakistan is all set to accelerate the startup activity by commercializing the research and encouraging the faculty for entrepreneurship for the economic growth of the country.

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