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Governments Acting Like Donald Trump “Taiwan Imposed heavy Fines On Uber”


Uber is facing another trouble in Taiwan, where Taiwan Authorities in the recent past raised heavy fines against the unlicensed Taxi sharing services. Uber said, “They will suspend their services in Taiwan from 10th of Feb onwards”.

Uber and Taiwan authorizes had a long dispute which couldn’t settled down to an agreement and its getting even worst by imposing heavy fines on the company. The company has reported the fines foisted on the company were the heaviest as compared to any other country in the world.

Taiwan in some authoritative discussions was even considering passing the order to leave the domestic market.

Uber has done a lot to protect itself from being banned or illegal, people protested against the fines raised and also contacted Taiwan’s president to intervene and resolve the issue. But more accumulated fines seemed to make it impossible to come to a resolution.

Authorities might have the strategy to hit-on-the-pocket without being declared as an illegal company and banning operations in the domestic market, which worked well for them and Uber finally took a decision to halt its operations from Feb 10th onwards.

Uber still have hopes to get back to the business as the Director of Uber’s regional director Damian Kassabgi said “We are suspending our service until we get a response from president to resolve the matter”

Uber currently is not sure about the duration of suspended services and mentioned about the Uber Eat service which will not be affected and continue to be operational as it primarily focuses on Scooters to deliver the food.

Careem is also facing impositions from Governments in Various markets,

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Taiwan authorities consider Uber to affect the transportation market but Uber stance is totally different and justifiable. Uber says, “We are technology based company, a platform which connects people from both ends and not a transportation company”

On contrary, Taiwan authorizes are insisting that the company is involved in transportation and has misrepresented its core services and business model.

Uber is being scrutinized legally across Asian markets, a recent development in Pakistan was another shock for Uber where Governments of Two provinces declared Uber and Careem Rides illegal, but due to civilian pressure the governments have taken the decision back and allowed Uber and Careem to complete all legal documentation in a given time.