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Multi photo gallery coming to Instagram

multi photo gallery

One of the most asked for feature in Instagram is multi photo gallery. We’re happy to break the news that the feature will be available on Instagram soon for everyone. In the current beta version only advertisers can publish multi photos in a single post. The users or audience can swipe through it horizontally. However, in the beta release of Instagram for Android there is a very solid evidence that this option will be available to users. There are 600 million users on Instagram.

How does this multi photo gallery work?

Well instead of tapping a picture, the users will long press it. In the option will be a selection to upload 10 image or videos. The image limit is 10 per post. Users will be able to apply filters to all of them individually by tapping each picture or can apply a single filter to all of them. The best part is that Instagram users will be able to like each picture individually for each post made.

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The beta version feature is a bit buggy and in trying to publish albums there is an error message. However, reports confirm that the feature will roll out soon when all the necessary bugs are taken care of. Officially the spokesperson reached to confirm the news has declined to comment on the album roll out on Android and iOs.

It seems that Instagram is on the competitive run with Snapchat by focusing on live videos and features similar to snapstories. The apps move to cater to requested features like multi photo gallery is being met to so we can expect other features to show up as well. The regram function and scheduled posts are one of its other requested features.

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