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GPU Sales Get Record Low In The Entire Decade

Graphics chip sales have fallen to the lowest level during the last ten years. Because demand in the PC market has plummeted, manufacturers have reduced their purchases, which is now also having an impact on the market for graphics solutions.

As Tom’s Hardware reports, citing figures from the market research company Jon Peddie Research (JPR), fewer dedicated and integrated graphics solutions were sold in the third quarter than they have been in a decade. In addition to the reduced demand from PC OEMs, the wait-and-see attitude of private customers due to the beginning availability of a new product generation also plays a role.

In addition, the demand from the crypto mining scene has dropped significantly as a result of the changes to Ethereum, because graphics cards are no longer required for mining. Sales of standalone graphics cards for desktop systems are the lowest they have been for many years. The otherwise usual increase in sales before the start of a new school year also failed to materialize due to the full stocks of the PC manufacturers.

Worse For desktop GPUs

According to market researchers, sales of iGPUs and dGPUs fell to just around 75.5 million units in the third quarter of 2022. Compared to the previous quarter, this was a decrease of 10.5 percent, and compared to the same period last year even a decrease of 25.1 percent. Graphics cards for use in desktops fell by 15.43 percent, while notebooks even saw a 30 percent drop. The slump is the sharpest since the 2009 recession, JPR said.

Intel was able to sell around 4.7 percent more GPUs and increase its market share to 72 percent. Nvidia’s market share shrank to 16 percent as sales fell 19.7 percent from the previous quarter, while AMD’s with a market share of only 12 percent, fell by a whole 47.6 percent.

So there were obviously losses, especially with the dedicated graphics solutions from AMD and Nvidia, after all, Intel has so far mainly offered its GPUs in an integrated form as part of its x86 processors. This is also reflected in the fact that only 6.89 million dedicated graphics cards for desktop PCs were sold in the third quarter of 2022, which corresponds to a decrease of 33.5 percent compared to the previous quarter.

Since new graphics chips have been introduced across the board by Intel, Nvidia, and AMD, the manufacturers see the future somewhat more positively for the fourth quarter. Although they expect the number of sales to fall compared to the same quarter last year, the average sales prices are said to be higher. The bottlenecks in the availability of certain GPUs, which have often been lamented up to now, should also be a thing of the past.

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