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GTA 5 Loading Time Improved By 70 Percent With New Update

GTA 5 loading time

Five years after the PC release of GTA 5, Rockstar Games takes on the fact that loading times are clearly too long. The main reason for this is a recently published fix by a fan of the action/shooter, which could reduce the waiting time until the game starts by up to 70 percent.

Thanks to various mods and the GTA Online mode, Grand Theft Auto 5 is still very popular, but technically it is tarnished mainly due to too long loading times. At the beginning of March, the developer and gamer “T0st” (tostercx) took on this problem and published an updated code on GitHub, with which the loading of a GTA 5 session can be accelerated by up to 70 percent. Now the responsible game developer Rockstar Games has become aware of the fix and is responding positively.

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A spokesman for the US company confirmed the error to his colleagues at PC Gamer and promised a timely update: ” After a thorough investigation, we can confirm that the player actually t0st an aspect of the game code in relation to the loading times of the PC Version of GTA Online that could be improved. As a result of this research, we’ve made some changes that will be implemented in an upcoming title update. “

Player receives $ 10,000 for solving the problem

The reason for the long waiting times in GTA 5 and GTA Online should not only be poorly optimized code but primarily a 10 MB JSON file with a total of 63,000 entries. This is responsible for comparing items from the online mode’s shop catalogue and, when comparing items, ensures around two billion tests that only have to be managed with a single CPU core. A bottleneck that leads to absurdly long loading times. After the fix, the loading screen should go away in less than two minutes.

On his blog, “T0st” confirms that Rockstar Games rewarded him with $ 10,000 from the so-called Bug Bounty program for finding and solving the GTA 5 bug. Normally, this rewards the work on problems relating to security and data protection in the game. In this case, however, the studio is said to have made an exception . When the update to reduce the loading times of Grand Theft Auto 5 (online) will be released has not yet been determined.